Phill Niblock in Europe
November/December 2000

Phill Niblock program at the Balazs Bela Filmstudios, Toldi Theater, Bajcsy Zsilinszky u. 36-38, Budapest:
Az eladsok minden este 21 rakor kezddnek a BBS-Toldi mozi Gmes Gyrgy termben.
Balazs Bla(filmstudios) at the Toldi Film Theater, Budapest, five nights at 9pm
(Films - 16mm, and video from film, plus music)
2000.   november 16.            Japan
        november 17.            Kna
        november 18.            Magyarorszg s kt video (Romania, Szumatra)+ zene / performansz
        november 19.            vegyes program - Peru, Brazlia, stb.
        november 20.            hat film a hatvanas vek vgrl (6 films fromthe '60s)

Phill Niblock lecture / demo at the Academy of Fine Arts Intermedia Department, November 15 at 11am, sponsor Janos Sugar
Phill Niblock performance of music and film/video at Bela Bartok Music and Art School, Budapest, November 17 at 5pm
WRO2000@kultura --- Mediation/Medialization Congress, November 29th - December 3rd, 2000, Wroclaw, Poland
November 29th, National Museum and Museum of Wroclaw University
  • 4:00 PM - National Museum, Opening with a tour of the media exhibition
  • 5:30 PM Wroclaw University- Leopoldin Hall Inauguration, after the opening tour of the "Meridian 17th" international exhibition of media installations in Mathematical Tower
  • 8:00 PM -9:30 PM Leopoldin Hall Phill Niblock (USA) - Music and Images, concert
  • 9:00 PM Tower "End of the Century" Club Events VJ Jun Sogabe (Japan), Blazej Dzieduszycki (Poland), Michal Litwiniec (Poland)
This is a four day event, for full listing see the web site: or
Dec 1:
Phill Niblock orchestra piece "Disseminate", performed by the KNM DOCK orchestra (KNM Berlin / ensemble resonanz), conducted by Peter Kotik. At the Academy der Kunste, Hanseatenweg, Berlin. 8pm.
Dec 1:
Reinhold Friedl / Phill Niblock collaboration is at Podewil, Berlin, in a mixed program of works, beginning after 10, probably. maybe not until 11 or so. unpredictable. Friedl playing inside the piano, Niblock live video (with tiny cameras strapped to Friedl's wrists).
Dec 3:
Phill Niblock in collaboration with Ulrich Krieger, at Staatsbank, Franzosicher Strasse 35, Berlin Mitte. probably starts around 9
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