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H E L L O   T O :

Music: Computer, Microtonal, Downtown, Experimental, Autoharpers
Laurie Spiegel, Nick Didkovsky, Dave Soldier, Phil Burk, Larry Polansky, Johnny Reinhard, David Galt, Andrew Bolotowsky, Chris Burke, Phil Niblock, Peter Zummo, Carol Parkinson, Joe McGinty, Kustard Kings, Perry Hoberman, Brian Gary, Phil Edelstein, Peter Wetzler, Brian Dewan, Xavier Serra, Ricardo Dal Farra, Ken Bookstein, Skip LaPlante, Jon Catler, Brad Catler, Ben Manley, Dan Evans Farkas, Don Ritter, Dame Darcy Megan Stanger, Peter McClard, Michael McClard, Matt Sullivan, C. Brian Rulon, Bill Kannar, First Avenue, Straylight
Cybergomi, Amiga, Video, Art
Jason Cunliffe, Walter Rabetz, Peter Terezakis, Susan Kruglinski, Vincent Bilotta, Steve Speer, Dennis Ashbaugh, Roberta Friedman, David Blair, Giorgio Gomelsky, Anne Arden McDonald, Hugh Crawford, Carol Lay,
Whither Brooklyn?
Jane Welna, Robert Fox, Maude Chilton, Tim Schmidt, Alison Bernstein, Craig Bernstein, Louise X. Ghertler Crawford,
Old Pals, Distant Friends, In-Laws, School Chums and Ex-Co-Workers
H. Grape Minkoff, Erb Cooper, Neil Radisch, Neal Katz, Scott Rhodes, Gregory Dorman, Sasha Dorman, Peter Mittelman, Julian Hyman, Ellen Feldman, M J Dominus, Seka Jelic, Goran Music, Ljubica Sefer, Zarko Stefancic, Ana Stefancic, Diane Molleson, Karen Molleson, Tony Chase, Ian MacNeil, Kaja Silverman, Tin Pau Ho, Dr. Otto Stur, Dr. Leonore Stur, Maria Stur, Dr. Michael Stur, Wladimir Zalozieckyj, Niko Zalozieckyj, Veronika Zalozieckij, Rosza Clason, Peter Zajonc, Kathy Williams,Jackson Williams, Marty Williams, Jacquie Gentry, Rick Gentry, Chelsea Gentry, Ricky Gentry, Sandra Jean Graham, Scott Graham, Kent Thomas, Kevin Kitowski, Billy Bowers,
"Henry Rowengartner" - from the film ROOKIE OF THE YEAR (1993).
"John Loengard" - from DARK SKIES(1997-8), crappy X-Files ripoff
"Lowengard" -- a character mentioned in passing in THE COMPETITION (1980)
Other buzz words, former schools, jobs, and organizations
Trinity College, Loomis Chaffee School, Mission Graphics Support, Advanced Multimedia Systems, Loser's Lounge, Cybergomi, Empty Orchestra Cafe, WFMU, ISEA '96, 365 Days Project, Information Builders, Inc. (IBI), Webline Communications, ErgoTech a/k/a/ Ergo Training a/k/a G2X, Cisco E-Mail Manager, International With Monument, New Math Gallery, HMSL, American Festival of Microtonal Music, World Learning, The Experiment in International Living, Alfred Plant Junior High School, Whiting Lane Elementary School, EAR magazine
Stuff I am interested in:
GENIAC (I'll make the Java version some day),PDP8 (ditto), Autoharps (I have many...), AMPICO Player Piano (I have one, with 260+ old rolls), Victrola (Have one too - looking for old vaudeville records sometimes), Anything to do with Vaudeville, New York of that era.
Recordings that I seek.

L i n k s

Websites and Blogs aplenty! the website where I show off and will try to sell my visual art.
Studio Rayada the website where Nancy and I show animation and other artworks in collaboration.
ECHO webpage You're soaking in it. A smorgâsbord of art, music, family stuff.
The Daily Vapor I try to post up a new picture or animation every day.
Let The Air Out Slowly Infrequent Literary postings.
The Philosophy Department - Artist's statements as I think them up.
Oswegatchie, Nancy Graham's excellent blog.
W.M. Thing Raymond's video work.
Ben Lowengard's Home Page
My brother, his cats, my Punch cartoons, and a big gallery of David Moriarty paintings that are incredible.
The Loser's Lounge
I'm one of the peripheral LL singers, and this site has LL info about old and upcoming shows and about other Losers! My old LL bio:

From the LL tribute to Nilsson Henry comes out of his cave once in a while to croon for you, performing solo or with his wife Nancy Graham. He is usually associated with the obscure experimental music makers like First Avenue, The Empty Orchestra Cafe and The American Festival of Microtonal Music, but is proud to be counted among the throng of Losers. More info at .

The 365 Days Project
Every day for the whole year of 2003, Otis Fodder of the BRAN FLAKES posted an obscure audio recording. I curated a few of these days. It's great fun!
Now hosted on ubuweb for eternity's sake!
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